America's Great Loop
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For those of you that may not be aware:
    America's Great Loop is far more than just a 6,000-mile boat ride. You will be cruising through such a vast variety of landscapes
chances are about 75% of the time you will have your camera in hand snapping pictures and rubber-necking at all the beautiful scenery.
You will cruise by mansions as well as waterfront cabins and shacks. In addition, you will boat through some big cities and some small
attractive villages you never even knew existed. In many of these places you will find your most memorable moments. You will see alligators,
manatees, eagles and egrets. Dolphins will swim along as if escorting your vessel along the way. You can even boat a safe distance from
whales, including the Blue Whales, (the oldest and largest living creatures on earth) near Quebec City - and you can do it all with out ever
facing the perils of a wide open sea.
    Everyday brings on a new adventure and a new experience. Between all the wonderful places and sites to see along the way, I promise -
you will have to make some very tough choices, as to which ones you want to stop and visit. From St. Augustine in Florida, the oldest city in
America, to Charleston and its antebellum homes, Annapolis with its Colonial buildings and history, to Washington DC, the Smithsonian
Museum, White House, etc. Atlantic City, and New York City. . . You'll find more to do 'off' your boat than on. So, if anyone thinks this is just
a boat ride, have I got news for you.
    My favorite 'don't miss' stops include Montreal and Quebec City and the whales on the St. Lawrence Seaway at Saguenay River.
Cruising through Canada's Heritage Canals is another, and that takes you to some World Class cruising in Georgian Bay, North Bay and on
to Mackinac Island, another absolutely 'don't miss' experience. From Mackinac Island, your options simply run rapid from Charlevoix,
Traverse City, Leland (Fish Town) Michigan, to Green Bay and on to Chicago.
    From Chicago, it is 'river time'. Eagles soar above the Illinois river that takes you to the mighty Mississippi and on to the Ohio. Most of us
take the Heartland (or Tenn-Tom) route which departs the Mississippi and leads us to the beautiful 'Heartland of America' where Kentucky
Lake, Barkley Lake and the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers wind through the beautiful land of Daniel Boone, the Cumberland Gap, the
Cherokee Indians, with the great Smoky Appalachian mountains in the background. Here you will find lots and lots to do and see, including
a visit to North America's only natural fresh water Pearl Farm.
    Take the Tennessee River to Knoxville, and you are just a one hour car rental away from Gatlinburg, TN and the heart and center of the
Great Smokey Mountain National Park. A detour so fantastic I take it every time. Then from the Chattanooga Choo Choo it is on to Shiloh
and Mobile Bay. Proof again, just when you think you've seen it all, you discover something new.   
Only the voyage itself is more fun than the planning.
    A typical day on America's Great Loop consists of cruising about 50 miles. Aside from 'slow is best and safest' on the water, there are
many reasons for going slow. The biggest reason for many of us is that it saves fuel. Additionally, regardless of how fast your boat 'can' go,
there are speed limits and wait times at Locks and Lift Bridges that restrict the safe distance we can cruise in daylight. With very few
exceptions, it is never a good idea to cruise after dark. Most of us want to be safely tucked away into a safe anchorage or marina before the
sunsets. This is one place where the Tortoise & Hare end up at the same Marina or Anchorage most every night.

    For those that like to fish, the best opportunities are early morning before shoving off, and late evenings after you've anchored. It is
easy to have a 'fresh catch of the day' on the menu as often as you like. One of the biggest mistakes most boaters make on this voyage is
stocking up on too much food when leaving home. With very rare exceptions, you will have daily opportunities to stop, shop and eat out.

    Many are surprised to discover the endless amount of waterfront restaurants along the way and end up eating out more than they
planned. When cruising the Loop you are almost always as near all the conveniences as you are from home. Each day determining where
you want to stop the next day may be the most difficult decision you have to make. If you are accustom to dinner out and a movie on Friday
nights and church on Sundays, chances are great you won't have to change your routine much at all.
    Cooking on the boat is easy to do these days, as most galleys are as well equipped as your kitchen (only smaller). Normally, meals on
the boat are kept simple. Cold, finger foods are best during the day for lunch and snacks, while just about anything is open game when
anchored out or docked at a marina. Most boats however simply do not have enough fresh potable water storage, so chances are, if you
and your spouse maintain the same bathroom habits on your boat as you have at home, you will be stopping more often to fill your fresh
water tank than for getting fuel.

    Anyway you look at it, don't make the mistake of thinking this is just "a boat ride". This is much more like a year long vacation! You will
want to stop, shop, eat out and simply "be a tourist" at a surprising number of destinations; many of which you've yet to even know their
America's Great Loop
An epic boating adventure that will inspire you!
                  - Travel - Exploration - Discovery - Romance - Memories -
              All in one easily attainable, affordable & amazing adventure:
   This is your opportunity to embark on a journey that really matters. It is one that will inspire you. It is one that will change
your life forever, for the better. It is an epic adventure worthy of your most epic memoir.
Thomas the Apostle, one of the 12 disciples of Christ, also known as 'doubting Thomas' for doubting the resurrection of Christ until
seeing Jesus' wounded body, is the only disciple that may have traveled as far as those of us cruising America's Great Loop. Thomas
sailed near 4,000 statute miles on his missionary journey to India.
My 'Great Loop' mission is really two fold: First and foremost, I'm a missionary for Christ, and second, I'm a missionary for cruising
America's Great Loop. While it may seem an odd combination at first, fact is, these two go together like peanut butter and jelly.
   When you cruise America's Great Loop; You will be the captain. You are in your own boat cruising at your own speed. You can stop
when and where you want, stay as long as you want, leave when you want. It is the ultimate of "Freedom Cruising". It is no wonder this
voyage is fast becoming one of the worlds top cruising destinations. Beyond doubt, for a safe boater in a safe boat, there is no better or
safer way to explore America.
     Instead of speeding 75 miles an hour down a noisy traffic filled smog covered highway, you are quietly relaxing while cruising 1,000
"smiles" an hour along unspoiled, uncrowded and beautiful protected waterways. You can pull over, stop, drop anchor and even swim with
the Dolphins, if and when you are so inclined. As you cruise in a counter clockwise direction to save a bundle in fuel: and time your voyage
to spend the best of the boating season in each geographic region; you will cruise through this planet's most scenic waterways while
enjoying about 95% good weather all along the way.
    From gin clear pristine waters, white sandy beaches and tropical landscapes in the south to the crystal clear dark waters of Canada's
pink granite shorelines and thousands of islands; you will enjoy the change in scenery around every bend in the rivers and waterways. All
along the way, you will be cruising in the comfort of your own boat, where you can eat well on board or eat out at one of the 292 wonderful
waterfront restaurants along the way. (Just kidding about the number, I haven't counted them all - I'm still trying to eat at them all.)
For Baby Boomers:
     As we Baby Boomers joke about 65 being the new 45, (and it is), we remain young at heart. We have the passion for travel and
adventure. We have empty nests and we are armed to the gunwales with an inventory of things to do we have always dreamed about. For
sure, we are not satisfied to spend our golden years on Golden Pond, nor in a silver haired Assisted Living Condo or looking out the
windows of a guided tour bus. No, not us! We have to knock some pretty exciting things off our bucket list. We want to travel. We want some
real memorable adventures. We want some unique and wonderful experiences.
     Well, here it is!
     Cruising America's Great Loop in your own boat is just such a wonderful experience. By far Baby Boomers out number all others
combined 'out here' cruising the Loop. This 5,600 to 6,300 (plus) mile continuous boating adventure will take you safely to some amazingly
unbelievable places you never thought possible to reach in your own boat. You will cruise to or through 20 U.S. States (or more), where you
can stop at the top 11 Beach towns in the U.S.A. You will boat right to 38 of the top 50 North American tourist attractions. You can cruise
through Canada's Heritage Canals and across miles of amazingly beautiful 'World Class' cruising grounds. You can even see Blue Whales
without ever facing the perils of a wide open sea.
     From Pilgrims to Pioneers and Civil War battlefields, this is a voyage that will surpass your greatest expectations. You will discover some
wonderful travel destinations and you will see and experience America in new and beautifully exciting way. It is a voyage that promises to be
the adventure of your lifetime.
- Find your Anchor -
This is all about cruising America's Great Loop.
Imagine. . . Taking a year to live on your own boat while
cruising through 20 U.S. States (or more), and having the
option of cruising through 2 Provinces of Canada. . . And
doing so without ever facing the perils of a wide open sea!
     Additionally, you are never out of sight of land (unless you chose to
be), you are always near shopping, restaurants, airports, rental cars,
pharmacies, hospitals, and Churches!
     It is a very 'safe' voyage - made possible by a series of connecting
navigable inland waterways, lakes, rivers, canals, and cuts, that together
provide a "great loop" around the very heart of the eastern portion of  
America. It is a voyage that any safe boater in a safe suitable boat can
make in safety and comfort.
     Indeed it is a "Loop". That means you can cruise over 5,600 (plus)
miles of it and end up in the same place you started and never have to
make a U-Turn. How incredible is that? Another great advantage of
cruising the Loop is that it takes you so very far, but never that far from
home. On average, this voyage is 2,000 miles farther than the Nile river -
the longest river in the world. Yet, we're not crossing oceans here. . . We
are never more than a day away from a rental car an airport or a flight
     We are also always 'in touch' with family & friends. Between our
Cellphones and Selfies, our GoPro cameras and Laptops, we are able to
take pictures, movies, and send them instantly to family and friends or
post them on our Facebook page. With very few exceptions, you are
always within cellphone and WiFi connections.
     Yes, cruising America's Great Loop is a wonderful adventure that is
not only safe, it is worthy of your epic memoir.
cruising by the Statue of Liberty on the Great Loop
Capt John Christian Fellowship
Hello & Welcome! My name is John, and I'm here to tell you about an absolutely wonderful 'epic' boating
One you can make in your own boat, that is longer than the longest river in the world and is as
amazingly safe as it is amazing. I've been living aboard my boat and cruising America's Great Loop for 24
years and I assure you, at my age:
1. I'm not a risk taker, 2. This adventure will absolutely inspire you!
   Unlike crossing an Ocean, this voyage can be a very social experience. It is a voyage you can make
while fulfilling the need for good, clean fun and Christian Fellowship. If you are already a Christian, this
voyage is tailor made for you. If you are not yet, or not sure you are a Christian, this voyage is tailor made for
you as well.
Yes! I said "fun" Christian Fellowship. The Bible never says "Thou shall not have fun". I say,
it is impossible to cruise America's Great Loop and not have fun while experiencing a closer relationship with
This is an Attainable, Affordable, Amazing Adventure that will Inspire you!
America's Great Loop cruising map
- Find your Anchor -
     With a rumble of your engine(s), you toss those dock lines, sit back in your Captain's chair with one hand on the helm and with a slight
bump on the throttle your vessel moves slowly away from the dock. You are about to experience absolute freedom as you have never
experienced it before. You turn and smile at your 1st Mate and in one long deep breath you're entire being is consumed with the feeling of
ultimate freedom. You are about to discover God's greatest blessings in your life. You will see and experience America in a new and wonderful
way. As the waterway beckons you forward, you will enter the longest, safest most incredible adventure on the entire planet. This is
America's        This is an 'epic' voyage of adventure and discovery. Even the 'short route' is 1,500 miles longer than the longest river in the
world. If you cruise it as most of us do, you will spend the best part of a year on this voyage as it takes you through America's history. You will
discover an America you never knew existed before. You will also discover yourself, your 1st Mate, and your Lord as never before.
     Though this voyage averages over 6,000 miles, it is much - much more than just a boat ride! As the rivers and inland waterways guide your
journey past big cities, charming hidden villages and enchanting seafaring towns with savory seafoods and regional culinary delights; you will
cruise by antebellum homes, historic landmarks, famous lighthouses, magnificent mansions and you will be mesmerized by the sights and
sounds all along the way.
     From the historic Hudson River Valley to the Inland Rivers of America's Heartland, and from the New Orleans' French Quarter to Canada's
French Quebec, you will visit majestic forts and fortresses, museums, castles, lush vineyards and window shop in fairy tale towns with
spellbinding cobblestone streets and unexpected treasures of once in a lifetime gifts and souvenirs. These are the destinations that will tempt
you to stay and linger; as proof positive, some places in this world are best seen and experienced from the water. This is a wonderfully safe,
amazing unspoiled, unforgettable adventure. And the great news is: It is right here in America's own backyard.
-  The Lifestyle of living on your boat & cruising America's Great Loop  -
Find your Anchor
-  It is a proud moment when you cruise by Lady Liberty in your own boat  -
So come on! Join us on this fabulous adventure. This is where you can learn all about it.
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If you don't yet know where in life you are going.
At least be sure you go far.
                                                    - Capt John
Discover America's Great Loop
You don't just cruise it. . . You live it!
Discover America's Great Loop
You don't just cruise it. . . You live it!