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#1 BEST SELLING - 2016 BOOK of the YEAR
Is the Boaters' Choice book for cruising America's Great Loop.
Capt. John really has his ship together in this one. This is as close as anyone can get to writing a ‘textbook’ for
cruising the Loop.  Thoroughly and clearly, "Once Around Is Not Enough" gets straight to the point covering the
fundamental necessary skills, routes, boats and equipment choices required for cruising the Great Loop safely. Yet,
it goes far beyond the basics to give us that huge cruising advantage that comes only with years of experience, and
Capt. John has more of it than anyone we know.
"Once Around Is Not Enough" provides a wealth of straight forward information including the TOP 120 most
frequently asked questions about cruising the Loop. It also contains 100 valuable cruising tips & money saving
suggestions. All presented in a way that is uniquely, interesting and easily readable. Everything in this book is
useful    This is Capt. John's very BEST SELLER out of 3 best sellers in the non-fiction Nautical Market. This is
the definitive guide! This is the textbook! Capt. John prepares you for cruising America’s Great Loop like no one
else can or ever has.
What's the difference between this website and the book? The devil! As they say, "the devil is in the details" and
while this website has two dozen pages and some that are mostly pictures; "Once Around Is Not Enough" contains
300 pages. The book contains all the very most important and necessary information to get you around America's
Great Loop safely, comfortably and confidently. Capt. John also gives you all the best boat, best equipment and
most affordable options along with the best routes and "don't miss" stops along the way.

James A. Peoples, Chief Editor
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Capt John on America's Great Loop
Want to know more about cruising America's Great Loop?
If you're not familiar with "www.captainjohn.org" already, this is the most popular Great
Loop boating site on the Internet. This is the website that started it all and has made Capt.
John one of the most popular names and authors in the Nautical Market. With 8 voyages
around the Great Loop in 6 different vessels, he tells it like and is, gives you ALL your
options, and knows better than anyone how to make this journey safely, comfortably and
on a very frugal boat and budget.
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About Capt. John
Bring Your Own Boat & cruise America's Great Loop
America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association
If your goal is to loose weight, join Weight Watchers. If your goal is to cruise the Loop, join the AGLCA.  There is
no better way to stay “in the Loop” than this. If birds of a feather flock together, the AGLCA is the Loopers nesting place.
There is a "Membership Fee" but it's worth it "if you know for sure you are going to cruise the Loop". I love the people that
run the AGLCA. They are a wonderful group of people interested and dedicated to keeping Members informed, educated and
motivated. They have great  informative "Cruising the Loop" seminars - and they are the source for getting that "Great Loop
Burgee" so when you cruise the Loop, we will all know you are a Looper too!  I'm a life member!
Be sure to tell them Capt. John sent you!
 This site is Anchor Publishing's site. It was originated in honor of Capt.
John's book "Once Around Is Not Enough". It gives you some great
information about the book, Capt. John, and a bit of history on America's
Great Loop.
So if you would like to know a bit more about Capt. John, his book, or
how all this "Great Loop" stuff became so popular. . . Take a browse over
to this Anchor Publishing Website.
Check out why this voyage is so
much more than just a boat ride!
The Great Loop Voyage
America's Great Loop Voyage and the www.greatloopvoyage.com website IS FUN, SAFE,
AFFORDABLE AND AMAZING. This is one of our highest recommended sites. It is short, to the
point and informative! Lots of great information and lots of great pictures too.
Boats & Budgets come in more varieties than ice cream. If you think $50 a day (not including
any Boat payments of course) for all your boat, fuel and boat related expenses while living aboard
and cruising thousands of miles sounds cheap - It's not! It is simply being smart about how you
choose to spend your money.
Give 3 boaters $100,000 each:  One will buy a $100,000 boat and have no money to go cruising.
Another will buy a $50,000 boat and have $50,000 left to go cruising. The other will buy a $20,000
boat, stay out longer and have more fun than either of the other two.
This site is for those that
dream of the voyage and not the boat.  
The Frugal Voyager
The Great Loop
America's Great Loop is an amazing attainable and affordable adventure!
However, it is only affordable if you need and want it to be. This site
concentrates on the more "affordable" options of cruising the Loop. A good
site with lots of pictures taken while cruising the Loop.
100 YEARS of Riverboat History
Who said HISTORY has to be boring?  Not me!  This is a fun page full of fun & learning
pages covering 100 years of America's Riverboat History and the related things going on either as a result of
it, or going on around it.
For example:
                What was Mark Twain's connection to the Titanic?
                What does Coca Cola, Lady Liberty and Geronimo have in common?
                What was the real reason for the saying "Go West young Man. Go West!"
                What did Abe Lincoln have to do with the River Boat?
               In 1859 Congress approved a $600,000 Grant - For what?
Don't buy a Brand New boat!
As we thank God for his blessings, we must never forget that the highest
appreciation is not in speaking the words, but to live by them.
  - Capt John
Cruising America's Great Loop