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-   Cruising the Tennessee River    -
      They say a picture is worth a thousand words, if so, we certainly hope you receive a few thousand words worth on this website.  Obviously, cruising
through America's Great Loop by the recommended seasons has its advantages. Boating through the Heartland in Fall will be yet another highlight of your
Great Loop adventure. We certainly hope you enjoy the photos of sights we've seen - but even pictures fail miserably at displaying the incredible
panoramic views and vibrant colors you see in real life.
    While we still have lots more to show you on the next few pages. . . If you think your plans might indeed include cruising the Great Loop, we want to
encourage you to visit Capt. John's > www.captainjohn.org < website. There are links to it on our "Great Links" page. His website covers a lot more  
details than we do here. He gets into such things as best boat choices, boat size restrictions, Loop route options, required fuel range and mileage for each
leg of your voyage. Capt. John's website is the oldest "Great Loop" website on the Internet as well as the very most popular. He was recently recognized
as one of the most influential persons and best selling authors in the non-fiction Nautical Market, and is 2016 Author of the Year in the Nautical Market.
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-   Cruising the Tennessee - Tombigbee   -
-   #1 Reason to cruise the Inland Rivers of America's Heartland in Fall  -
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