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- Marina on Lake Huron  -
-   Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel - This is one place you'll want to stop and visit!   -
     On this voyage in 2016 we found Capt. John and crew in Leland, or Fish Town. This is a 140 year-old fishing village with the subtle sophistication of
modern life - but not too modern! The striking natural beauty and easy, relaxed atmosphere has drawn artists, writers, heads of government and industry,
and countless others to the area and continues to be a powerful lure to those seeking something unique.
     The village hosts some excellent restaurants and a wide variety of attractive shops, from historic Fishtown shanties to the galleries and gift shops along
Main Street.  The municipal marina is at the water’s edge near the very heart of Leland’s restaurants, cafes, specialty shops and galleries.  With spectacular
sunsets and beaches, Leland is the perfect stop over after your visit to Mackinac Island.
     Join the fun of Leland’s downtown, small fishing village experience with a great meal at the Cove Restaurant which offers a great view of Leland’s
historic fishing shanties and the constant sound of the Leland River Falls (pictured above). The motel to the right of the falls offers a $49 room for two if
you and your mate are ready for a long bath or shower with unlimited hot water.
     The atmosphere in Leland will captivate a special place in your memorable stops along the Loop. You will find yourself literally walking between a
modern, cute storefront downtown and the remnants of a 140-year-old fishing village. You’ll love it!
-  Leland "FishTown" on Lake Michigan  -
     Capt. John's Best Selling "Once Around Is Not Enough" gives you some compelling details about each leg of your Great Loop voyage. For sure, the
Great Lakes and each area of it will be a welcome surprise to every Looper. From Buffalo to Chicago, you have almost 900 miles of fabulous cruising and
places to see.
     By the time you complete your journey across the Erie Canal, you'll be itching for a little speed when to get to Lake Eire. All along the Great Lakes, you
will enjoy stops at local wineries and historic places. Along the way, we suggest you don't miss Mackinac Island, Traverse City, or Leland MI. You will also
cruise right by the Navy Pier in Chicago.
     Take your time, you should have plenty of it; but watch the weather forecast. You "must" be off the Great Lakes and heading down the Illinois River
before the cold weather closes your getaway through the Chicago Locks - which usually happens mid to mid to late October. So by then, you'll want to be
on your way south to catch the peak Fall colors and changing leaves and foliage on Kentucky Lake in the Heartlands of America.
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- Find your Anchor -
- Putin Bay on Lake Erie -
Approaching Chicago