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    By all accounts, an estimated 600 to 700 boaters a year are now making this voyage. Far too many boaters have yet to
even hear of it, or if they have, shrug it off thinking this voyage is only affordable by the rich.
   Personally, I know from lots of experience, just how expensive and affordable this voyage may or may not be. I know it can cost an absolute
fortune or it can be very affordable.
The choice is yours!
   When it comes to
"boat, fuel and boat related expenses" I know many "Loopers" that have made this trip on $100 a day, I know many
more that have done it for around $50.00 a day. Not bad - when you consider these expenses are equal to your total cost for transportation
& lodging. . . Still, I know Loopers cruising the Loop averaging around
$25.00 a day.  I'm in that category, so my "transportation & lodging"
for an year long voyage around America's Great Loop in a fully paid for boat, costs me pennies shy of $27 a day. So I know as a
fact, a cruising couple can easily and comfortably cruise the Loop on a frugal boat with a frugal "travel" budget. It sure beats the fuel cost of
cruising in a fuel thirsty RV going 70 mph down the highway.
   So come on. . . Take a look for yourself and see what this voyage is all about.  Join us on this amazing adventure of discovery - in both
words & pictures! We want to see you out here on the water where everyday is a blessed event. Every day is a day filled with adventure,
excitement and discoveries on both land & sea. This is a truly awesome adventure and a fantastic opportunity
to see and experience the very
best of what America is all about and has to offer.
- Find your Anchor -
You won't be alone!  You don't have to be rich either!
- Find your Anchor -
"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee" - Isaiah 43:2
- Find your Anchor -
Quebec City from the Marina
    America's Great Loop has so very much to offer those of us that want to travel. It is simply a magnificent voyage that will take you to some
unbelievable breath taking destinations. In addition to what you will learn and discover in America, cruising Canada is absolutely a "don't miss" detour on the
Great Loop route. From either the Hudson or the Erie Canal via the Oswego exit to Lake Ontario, both Montreal, Quebec and Canada's famous Heritage
Canals offer an experience you will never forget.
    Montreal is Canada's second largest city and the world's largest French speaking city outside Paris. From the Marina you will want to start where the city
itself began, exploring the cobblestoned streets, cozy European Corner Cafés and out of this country shopping boutiques. All this makes Montreal a very
rewarding destination to explore, and three days is enough for a great Montreal experience.
    Quebec City  If you're mesmerized by towering fortresses and lavish castles, you'll be more than satisfied just wandering the ancient cobblestone streets
of Old Québec. This is the place with the only walled city north of Mexico. (And it was not Trump's idea, lol). Inside Quebec City you will find its
fortifications, charming cafés and antique shops, as well as world famous historic attractions like the Citadel and the Notre-Dame Basilica. When you arrive
here, if you didn't know better, you would think you fell asleep at the helm and made landfall in Paris.
    Clustered around the city's harbor on the banks of the St. Lawrence River are the quaint stone buildings and narrow winding streets. Just make sure you
give yourself plenty of spare time here: because just 60 miles up the inland St. Lawrence river on the Saguenay River is the 5th most populated location of
Blue Whales in the world. You can see them from your own boat, or you can rent a car - but don't miss seeing them! These are largest creatures to ever
roam the earth, with hearts as big as automobiles, they are amazing! In addition, Quebec's artisan shops, French and European style Cafés and friendly
people will have you wanting to stay and linger for days.
      Could this adventure be in God's plan for your life?
Here's a great barometer to judge whether or not this adventure should be in your future:
               1. What brought you to this website in the first place? Was it purely by chance? Was it fate? Or was it ordained?
                           We encourage you to do more research. Learn all you can about this wonderful voyage!
"For we know in all things God works for the good of those that love him. . . " Romans 8:28